on Buccola is the Chairman of High Plateau, LLC, a private investment company focused on venture capital and private equity investing in real estate, technology, and business services companies in and around the aviation industry.

Jon’s experience with real assets runs the full length and breadth of the field. His investment and management of real estate have included commercial property development, property management, asset preservation, asset marketing, offer management, negotiation, and sale.

High Plateau operates a wide range of companies involved in aircraft sales, acquisition, leasing, management, charter, aircraft hangarage, as well as commercial and industrial property development and management.

Cobalt Air Leasing LLC is one of several multi-faceted organizations he has founded and operated for over 30 years. In this role, Buccola leverages decades of experience in aircraft sales, acquisition, and resale, as well as engineering custom interiors of a broad range of aircraft. Under his guidance, Cobalt Air Leasing expertly navigates the world of private aviation: owning, acquiring, and leasing aircraft for charter and private ownership.

Beginning as a research engineer at Boeing Materials Group after getting his degree in mechanical engineering, Buccola went on to get a Master’s in Business Administration in Finance. From there he started Greenpoint Technologies, which he ran until it was acquired in 2014.

He capitalized High Plateau with a portion of his sale of Greenpoint Technologies and he recruited a team of executives, all with experience leading and directing successful transactions and companies. Under his leadership and direction, the team offers capital and advisory services to select companies where the combination of capital and experience leads to a strong strategic outcome and powerful investment return.

Buccola oversees the aviation group of High Plateau, which includes:

  • Cobalt Air Leasing LLC – owns multiple aircraft based in Washington and California, leased back to an FAA Part 135 charter operation. Provides leasing services to a select group of aircraft owners.
  • Business Air – a boutique service, offering business and leisure charter and aircraft management
  • 7023 LLC – owns a 40,000 square foot hangar and office building at BFI
  • CPMG Seattle – manages the hangar assets of multiple private flight departments at Boeing Field
  • Jon Buccola Aviation Consulting Group, Inc – offers a wide range of aviation-related consulting
  • High Plateau Capital Advisors, LLC – Provides M&A services for aviation-related entities