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The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence

Our Mission:

Improving business aircraft record keeping practices through professional education and technology awareness.

Business aircraft record keeping continues to take a backseat to a more urgent matter … keeping the aircraft flying upon demand.

But this neglect has caused aircraft owners and operators alike to be both extremely inconvenienced, and financially harmed, by the poor aircraft record keeping practices we employ today.

Good aircraft record keeping is critically important to maintaining an aircraft’s Airworthiness and value; and communicates a compelling testimony in support of the Professional Management of each aircraft.

We believe that improving aircraft record keeping practices will not only benefit business aviation, it will increase both the image and compensation of the aircraft maintenance professional.

Things We Do

aircraft records blogs & articles

We publish Blogs, Articles, and relevant news items on Logbook issues and important maintenance related topics.

aircraft records education
We produce educational courses designed to help aircraft maintenance professionals better understand the documents we use every day in Business Aviation.
Talks and Seminars

We offer public speaking presentations and educational seminars on subjects related to aircraft documentation and best practices of aircraft record keeping.

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