Have a “Right Flyer” with Mark Parry, Paula Williams and Larry Hinebaugh

Highlights from this episode:

  • Larry Hinebaugh of Center for Business Aircraft Records Excellence joins us for this episode.
  • Larry dubbed aircraft records specialists as “merchants of airworthiness” in a recent AMT article.
  • How people will hide aircraft damage in the logbooks
  • One out of every five aircraft sales has a logbook problem.
  • How a perfectly good 727 actually destroyed its own logbooks and totaled itself.
  • How Clay Lacy bought an aircraft at a military auction with the intention to part it out, but the logbooks resurfaced and he was able to fly it on his charter certificate for years!
  • Why CAMP is insufficient as a complete aircraft logbook solution
  • 8130s versus Field Approvals – 8130s are recommended but not required, so everyone does it differently!
  • And of course, cocktails! Mark Parry’s take on the Wright Flyer is called the “Right” Flyer.


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