Its Been a Great Year!

For The Foundation for Business Aircraft Records Excellence.

FAA Approval of all of its Courses, IA Renewal credit Authority granted by the FAA, Part 147 Technical School curriculum inclusion obtained, On-Site Training Opportunities realized, and the continued success of its On-Line Training and Aircraft Documents Specialist Program.

In addition to all that, our Executive Director, Larry Hinebaugh, has had numerous opportunities to speak and share his vision of Improving Record Keeping and Management practices in our industry, increasing the pay and respect for the Aircraft Maintenance Professional, and a better future for all of us in Business Aviation.

Yes, its been a great year. But there’s so much more to do. With the need the industry has to replace its many retiring mechanics, and the increasing demands for more qualified A&Ps and AMTs; we must respond with changes that make us more competitive, more efficient in our aircraft operations, and more desirable as a career to tomorrow’s generation.

For an industry that is responsible for creating aircraft that fly faster, travel further, and operate more efficiently than ever thought possible, this is something we should be able to.

Its just takes the will and the courage to make it happen.

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Did you know that Logbooks are not insured?

Aviation insurance companies don’t insure logbooks
for one simple reason:

The value of a missing record or lost logbook is so difficult to establish beforehand and varies so widely depending on the circumstance; insurance companies simply refuse to insure aircraft records. That way they straightforwardly eliminate the opportunity for argument.

Typical aviation insurance provides for property damage and liability of the aircraft. It covers losses resulting from the inherent risks associated with operating an aircraft, such as hull damage, injury to passengers, loss of cargo, and other unforeseen operating losses.

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What’s Important to have in an Aircraft Logbook

What is and what’s not important

Aircraft logbooks are one of the most misunderstood aspects of business aircraft operation. Why is that you ask? Well, for starters, looking through the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARS) to determine what we should put into an aircraft logbook does not help us very much. For the professional aviation maintenance technician, this lack of understanding of what needs to be included in a logbook, and what a proper and well-documented logbook should look like are often the source of hours of frustration and wasted time trying to find important information in the aircraft’s record.

For the aircraft owner …

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Meet the people behind
Business Aircraft Records

              Jeff Barstow

Jeff is currently the Senior Vice President of King Aerospace in Ardmore, OK., in addition to being a Trustee for the Foundation of Business Aircraft Records Excellence.

Jeff recently retired from a 41-year career with Boeing as the Chief Operations Officer for BBJ Jets with overall management responsibility for the activities to support & execute sales campaigns, coordinate & integrate with Boeing Commercial Airplanes, VIP, Head of State & Government Customers, the global network of Completion Centers & Suppliers for the build, delivery, interior completion and re-delivery of BBJ/VIP aircraft.

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Making a Difference

Aircraft Technician Education Council


Promoting and Supporting Aviation Maintenance Technician Education


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