Business Aircraft Records Tip of hte Week - Part 91.417 compliant maintenance entries

FAR 91.417 (1) states that records of the maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alteration and records of the annual, progressive, and other required or approved inspections for each aircraft and each engine, propeller, rotor, and appliance of an aircraft shall be retained until the work is repeated or superseded.

These records must include:

  • A description (or reference to data acceptable to the Administrator) of the work performed; and
  • The date of completion of the work performed; and
  • The signature, and certificate number of the person approving the aircraft for return to service.

FAR 91.417 (2) states that records shall be retained and transferred with the aircraft at the time the aircraft is sold.

These records must include:

  • The total time in service of the airframe, each engine, each propeller, and each rotor.
  • The current status of life-limited parts of each airframe, engine, propeller, rotor, and appliance.
  • The time since last overhaul of all items installed on the aircraft which are required to be overhauled on a specified time basis.
  • The current inspection status of the aircraft, including the time since the last inspection required by the inspection program under which the aircraft and its appliances are maintained.
  • The current status of applicable airworthiness directives (AD) and safety directives including, for each, the method of compliance, the AD or safety directive number and revision date. If the AD or safety directive involves recurring action, the time and date when the next action is required.


Aircraft Maintenance Records are the documents that backup and support the statement of airworthiness of an aircraft and its component parts. Well organized, easily retrievable, protected maintenance records and documentation not only provide required evidence of the legal airworthiness of the aircraft, but they are required to be comprehensive and thorough in compliance with the FARs.

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